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Behold! My crap art! :roll: :XD:


What I like. :meow:


Creative Writing (One-Shots)
:bulletblue: 1000 to 1500 words
:bulletblue: Setting must be established beforehand (in other words, where the story is going to take place)
:bulletblue: No fetishes allowed (I will not accept them period)
:bulletblue: YouTuber pairings accepted (if I don't know them, I may ask you to please provide a brief description of who they are)
:bulletblue: No smut allowed either
:bulletblue: If you want me to write something within my own Soul Keeper AU, please ask permission first
:bulletblue: Plot must be simple for me to understand that would make it easy for me to write about that doesn't have to be split into parts/chapters

IMPORTANT:  I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I deem the plot to be not to my liking.  There is a limit to what I will accept and what I won't accept.  Please respect that.


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  • :icongrassfur:
    Donated Jan 31, 2016, 10:06:24 PM
I'm writing the next chapter of Black Poison, but some of the events that will be presented are based on a old, defunct RP so putting them into the story is not really easy, to be honest.  It's gonna take awhile to write the required scenes in.

I want to finish this story, but I'm sorry if updates are slow. ^^;
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  • Reading: A Treasury of Titanic Tales - Webb Garrison
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United States

1. Tags.

I don't like being tagged, but that's only if the quiz in question is not to my liking. I'm extremely picky with what I will and won't do.

I'm also going to add in raffles as well because it's not only a pet peeve of mine, but also it's a horrible waste of so many points that go to those who don't put in any effort to earn them instead of to those who actually have commissions open and who will work for them. So please don't tag me with raffles because I don't want to participate in anything that gives points away for free.

2. Requests, Art trades, or Commissions.

Unless it's with some really good friends that I've known for awhile, otherwise, please don't come right up and ask for a request when I don't even have the slightest clue who you are. You're a total stranger, so that should say something to you.

For art trades, please specify what you would want me to draw for me (as I will do the same thing) and make sure that you have a good full-body reference for me to work from. Also, please make sure that there aren't a lot of details (too much and I mentally shut down). Keep it simple.

For writing commissions, please don't tell me that you don't have enough points to commission me as that discourages me and makes me feel people just don't care enough. Also, please have a basic plot idea ready for me (it doesn't have to be fully developed, it just needs to be understandable enough for me to work with) and the characters you want me to write about (2 minimum, 5-6 maximum).

3. Please do not steal, trace over, or claim as your own any of my artwork.

I've worked hard on my art and I would appreciate it if everyone would respect that and not steal from me that would be great. I've had enough of dealing with art theft lately.

4. I will not write ships, so please don't ask. (*ships are short for relationships in Internet jargon :shrug:)

I don't do them, nor do I draw or write about them. Relationships are not my thing and I've found that shoving them constantly into decent and formally enjoyable fiction ruins the content of the story plot. I don't want to do that with my stories. Sure, I'd make an exception when the plot calls for the culminating of a relationship of two characters in the story, but doing it constantly just loses you readers who don't like to have ships constantly thrown in their faces all the time. So, please don't ask me to write any ships. Thank you.

5. I'll comment/reply when I'm good and ready.

Please don't ask me to comment right off the bat just after I Fave something. I don't like being pressured to comment when I really don't have anything to say at the moment. Just be patient and wait. I'll reply when I have time and can think of something decent to say. Otherwise, please leave me alone.

6. No one word comments.

This is what I dislike the most. One word, or even nonsense, comments. I don't know how to reply to these comments and I really don't feel like they are worth my time so I usually ignore them. Please, if you have something to say to me, at least comment with a complete sentence that I can understand easily. Big paragraphs of text aren't really necessary, but a single sentence (with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation) is enough to get your thoughts across. I do want to communicate with you guys, but I just want to understand what you're trying to say to me.


YouTube:… (I cannot make videos at the moment because I do not have the proper resources to do so ^^;)
Minecraft IGN: MarionetteDreams
Facebook: I now have a Facebook account, but please don't go looking for it as it's my real name and I don't want people to know my IRL information. I only made it to stay in touch with my brother (I also share some quotes I like and opinions I agree with too). But if you really want to know, please note me here in private. The thing is, though, can I trust you?

Other Useless Info

Name: Adeline
Nickname: Addie or Mari
Gender Identity: Still Questioning
Birthday: February 23
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them (can also be used for puppetsona)
Personality: Friendly to a certain degree, is always truthful when speaking (as in, I do NOT sugarcoat my words), compassionate yet can get irritated if pushed too far, trustworthy, creative, is always there to help a friend out, will listen (however, do not make up lies just to get attention because I will call you out on it), sympathetic, loves animals (especially cats and foxes)
Pet Peeves: Lies, Mistreatment of Others, Animal Abuse, Giant Egos, Attention Whores, Art Thieves, People with Narcissistic Attitudes... and other things that I'll probably add later if I can remember them :P
Likes: Reading, Writing, Talking with Friends, RPing, Baking, Listening to Music, Going to the Libary/Bookstore, Amateur Photography, Eating Out at Restaurants with Family, and Caring for my Pets, Webcomics, Drawing My Characters However I Want, Dragons, FNAF, Minecraft, Undertale (just a casual fan, though)
Dislikes: Being Ignored, Art Theft, Holier-Than-Thou Attitudes, Heavy Metal Music, Negative Personalities, Animal Abuse, People Complaining About Stupid Things, Anime (it's very rare when there's an anime that I actually enjoy, like Soul Eaters and the first season of SAO), Shipping, Weird Fetishes, Smut, RPing in the Comments of My Deviations, Raffles, and more

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